Materials Research and Structural Mechanics Program

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Structural Reliability Analysis of Interconnect Structures for Deep Sub-Micron Integrated Circuits, 18-9078
Development of a Computational Material Science-Based Methodology for Alloy/Composite Design, 18-9135
Methodology for Designing Gas Generator Systems for the Instantaneous Personal Protection System, 18-9136
Reliability-Based Optimal Design of Orthopedic Implants, 18-9927

Improved Method of Visual Instrumentation for Ballistic Experiments, 18-9965

Adaptation of an Existing Raman Spectrometer for In Situ Real-Time Composition Analysis of Gaseous Bubbles in Glass Melts, 20-9144

In Situ Analyses of Corrosion Under Alternate Wet and Dry Conditions, 20-9995

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