Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology,
and Automation Program

Using Pressure Patterns to Detect Natural Motions for Traversing Virtual Environments, 09-9178
Intelligent Management System for Apnea Identification, 10-9037
Investigation of Machine Vision With Longwave Infrared Cameras, 10-9099
Distributed System Data Visualization, 10-9115
Automatic Scenario Generation for Advanced Traffic Management Systems, 10-9150
Interfacing Personal Data Assistants for Intelligent Transportation System Applications, 10-9169
Development of a Diagnostic Method for Spinal Fusion, 10-9177
Investigation of Animal Detection for Traffic Accident Mitigation, 10-9193
Development of Next-Generation Computer Model for Space-Weather Specification and Forecasting, 15-9026
Support Request for Computational Science and Engineering Transitional Activities, 15-9069
Development of an Advanced Spacecraft Computing Capability, the SC-603e, 15-9093
Adapting the Telemetry Collection Module as a Mechanism Control Electronics Master Controller, 15-9151
Investigation of Microelectromechanical Systems-Fabricated Actuators for Use in Optical and Mechanical Applications, 15-9158
A Field Emission Ionization Source Using Spindt Cathodes, 15-9159
Development of a Very High-Speed, Mixed-Mode Time To Digital Application-Specific Integrated Circuit for Space Applications, 15-9163
Preliminary Design of a PCI / VME Bridge Chip, 15-9172
Development of a PCI / VME Bridge ASIC, 15-9204
Nonclassical Stochastic Methods in Subsurface Modeling, 20-9117
Efficient Probabilistic Analysis Methods for Complex Numerical Models with Large Numbers of Random Variables,

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