Space Science Program

Hypervelocity Impacts and the Stability of Organic Material, 15-9044
The Dust Tails of Comet Hale-Bopp: A Staff Renewal Project, 15-9088
Capability Development for Modeling Planetary Impacts, 15-9089
Development of Planning and Analysis Capability for Asteroidal and Planetary Occultation Observations, 15-9127
Evaluation of the Asteroid Impact Hazard, 15-9130
High-Resolution Ultraviolet Imaging for Astrophysics, 15-9138
Atomic and Molecular Data Preparation and Evaluation for Planetary Applications, 15-9140
High-Resolution Space-Weather Model, 15-9146
Capability Demonstration for Applied Information Systems Research in Astronomy and Planetary Science, 15-9152
Capability Development for Simulating a New Paradigm of Planetary Formation, 15-9195
A Technology Study for Free-Flying Sciencecraft, 15-9198

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