Electronic Systems and Instrumentation Program

Design and Implementation of a Communications System Using Chaotic Transmissions That Operates Over a Noisy Channel at Significant Distances, 10-9134
Development of a Novel Ultra-Wideband Antenna, 10-9176
Investigation into Mobile Routing for Use with Wireless Communications, 10-9205
Exploration of Universal Constant-Envelope Predistortion Using Correlation-Based Signal Attenuation, 10-9218
Investigation into the Development of a Wireless Ethernet Backbone, 10-9233
Development of a Conformal High-Frequency Antenna for Modern Naval Requirements, 16-9137
Development of Optimization Techniques for Enhanced 911 (E911) Wireless Location, 16-9175
Development of Techniques to Identify and Locate Global Positioning System Interfering Signals, 16-9215
Techniques for Calibrating Numerically Modeled Array Manifolds, 16-9220
Precision Geolocation and Co-Channel Interference Mitigation Using Low Bandwidth Communication Links, 16-9221
Impact Study for Direction-Finding Antenna Count Reduction, 16-9226

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