Materials Research and Structural Mechanics Program

Development of a Diagnostic Method for Spinal Fusion, 10-9177
The Investigation of MEMS-Fabricated Actuators for Use in Optical and Mechanical Applications, 14-9158
A Field Emission Ionization Source Using Spindt Cathodes, 15-9159
Development of a Computational Material Science-Based Methodology for Alloy/Composite Design, 18-9135
Methodology for Designing Gas Generator Systems for the Instantaneous Personal Protection System, 18-9136
Microelectromechanical Materials Testing and Quality Assurance System, 18-9170
Development of Novel Vanadium Carbide Coatings Using a Large Area, Non-Line-of-Sight Plasma Process, 18-9189
Enhanced Design of the Large Compressed Gas Gun Facility for Increased Launch Velocity, 18-9258
Development of a Multielectrode Array Sensor for Monitoring Localized Corrosion, 20-9209
Proof-of-Concept Development of Disbonded Coating Cathodic Protection Monitoring Coupon, 20-9216
Development of Proof-of-Concept for Condition-Based Coating Evaluation Sensor, 20-9232

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