Measurement & Nondestructive Evaluation of 
Materials and Structures Program

Measurement of Crude Oil Corrosivity Using Radioactive Tracer Technology, 03-9263
Investigation into ECG Motion Artifact Reduction, 10-9191
Development of Precision Surface Profile Measurement Capability, 10-9197
Development of Quantitative Raman Imaging Techniques to Study Intracellular Pharmacokinetics of Anticancer Agents, 10-9219
Characterization of Gas Turbine Blade Layers Using Eddy Current Testing, 14-9202
Modernization and Performance Improvement of Enhanced Data Acquisition System Instrumentation, 14-9227
Development of a Prototype Magnetostrictive Sensor Torsional Wave Probe for Detection of Corrosion in Insulated Piping Filled with Liquid, 14-9228
Development of Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology to Determine the Age-Related Human Bone Changes, 15-9187
Assessment of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Bone Technology in Vitro on Cortical Bone, 15-9214

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