Engines, Fuels, Lubricants, and Vehicle Systems Program

Impact of Heat Soak After Engine Shutdown on Fuel Nozzle Deposits, 03-9234
Development of a Technique for Extraction of Transient Control Strategies from Automotive Electronic Control Units,
Investigation of Transient Torque Converter Behavior, 03-9264
Reynold's Number Effects on Deposition in Heated Flows, 03-9277
Investigation of Spark-Ignited Combustion in Very High Speed, Four-Stroke Engines, 03-9280
In-cylinder Emissions Reduction Technologies in a Light-Duty Diesel Engine, 03-9281
Adaptation of Compact Electronic Control Unit Signal Conditioning for High-Speed, Spark-Ignited Engine Control,
Using Ion Sensing with O2 Sensor-Based Adaptive Calibration to Perform Cold Start Closed Loop Air/Fuel Ratio Control to Reduce Engine Cold Start Hydrocarbon Emissions, 03-9305
Mars Rover Powertrain Energetics Comparison, 03-9315
Preliminary Exhaust Gas Recirculation Tests on a Mack E7G Natural Gas Engine, 03-9321
Thermoelectric Recovery of Exhaust Waste Energy, 03-9322
Development of Automated Mapping and Calibration Technique for Complex Engine Control Systems, 03-9323
Investigation of Deposit Formation in the Ignition Quality Tester, 03-9334
Development of a Methodology to Separate Thermal From Oil Aging of a Catalyst Using a Gasoline-Fueled Burner System, 08-9217
Catalytic Stripper for Solid Particle Number, Size, and Mass Emission Measurement, 08-9293

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