Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology, and Automation Program

Using Mixed Reality with Haptic Feedback for Training Medical Personnel in Catheter Insertion, 07-9224
Development of Technique to Simulate Large Environment Textures with Z-Buffer Information, 07-9287
Wireless Embedded Data Acquisition Controller for Simulation-Based Training Systems, 07-9325
Using Pebble Decision Models for Speech Recognition/Parsing and for Replacement of Human Operators in Training and Simulation Platforms, 07-9336
Advanced System Software for the SC 603E Spacecraft Computer, 10-9183
Network Security Modeling and Simulation, 10-9251
Investigation into Alternative ITS Protocols for Center-to-Center Communications, 10-9274
Automated Under-Vehicle Surveillance Capability Demonstration, 10-9286
Three-Dimensional Surface Profiling of Microstructures, 10-9327
Development of Automated Monitoring of Critical Transportation Infrastructure, 10-9339
Efficient Probabilistic Analysis Methods for Complex Numerical Models with Large Numbers of Random Variables,

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