Materials Research and Structural Mechanics Program

Measurement of Crude Oil Corrosivity Using Radioactive Tracer Technology, 03-9263
Design of Durable Catalytic Converters from Mat Material Coupon Fragility Data, 18-9291
Development of a Novel High-Intensity Metal Ion Source for Plasma Immersion Implantation and Deposition, 18-9292
Investigation of the SwRI Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar System for Testing Polymers and Other Novel Low Strength Materials, 18-9317
Development and Fabrication of High-Precision Dichroic Filters, 18-9332
Polyhedral Oligomeric SilSesquioxane (POSS) Fillers as Refractive Index Enhancers for Silicone Intraocular Lenses, 18-9333
Development of a Multi-Electrode Array Sensor for Monitoring Localized Corrosion, 20-9209

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