Electronic Systems and Instrumentation Program

A Distributed Approach to Array Optimization, 16-9275
Stratospheric Payload Test Bed Development, 16-9297
Innovative Antennas for Wrap-around Direction Finding Arrays from 400 to 4000 MHz, 16-9331
Innovative Software Architecture for Signal Analyzer, 16-9347
FPGA Development Tools Evaluation, 16-9348
Signal Exploitation Processing Using Distributed Generic Computers, 16-9374
Concepts for Automatic Positioning of UAVs to Optimize TDOA Geolocation Performance, 16-9375
Urban/Suburban UHF Geolocation, 16-9381
Development and Evaluation of a JTRS Waveform for Asset Tracking and Data Relay Applications, 16-9407
Feasibility Evaluation For Embedded Bluetooth Communication, 16-9413

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