Engines, Fuels, Lubricants, and Vehicle Systems Program

Developing a Technique for Extraction of Transient Control Strategies from Automotive Electronic Control Units,
Reynold's Number Effects on Deposition in Heated Fuel Flows, 03-9277
In-Cylinder Emissions Reduction Technologies in a Light-Duty Diesel Engine, 03-9281
Using Ion Sensing with O2 Sensor Based Adaptive Calibration to Perform Cold Start Closed Loop A/F Ratio Control to Reduce Engine Cold Start HC Emissions, 03-9305
Development of Automated Mapping/Calibration Technique for Complex Engine Control Systems, 03-9323
Emissions Benefits of Ultra-High Injection Pressure: Stage 1 - Injection System Configuration, 03-9324
Laser Ignition in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines, 03-9354
Motorcycle Emissions Research and Development, 03-9384
Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine Controls with In-Cylinder Ion Sensing, 03-9385
Investigation of a Multi-Cylinder, High-Efficiency, High-BMEP, Heavy-Duty Gasoline Engine Concept, 03-9386
A New Engine Control Concept to Help Achieve Light-Duty Euro V Emissions, 03-9387
GSXR750 Cycle Simulation, 03-9396
Protection of Aftertreatment Systems from Sulfur, PASS 2 - Advanced System Design Evaluation, 08-9358
Development of a Universal Synthetic Gas Reactor System for Both Gasoline and Diesel Exhaust Catalyst Evaluation, 08-9371

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