Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology, and Automation Program

Development of a Methodology for a Hysteretic Nonlinear Simulation of a Cylinder Head Gasket Joint, 03-9349
Wireless Embedded Data Acquisition Controller for Simulation-Based Training Systems, 07-9325
Using Pebble® Decision Models for Speech Recognition/Parsing and for Replacement of Human Operators in Training and Simulation Platforms, 07-9336
Investigation of the Effectiveness of Internet-based Awareness Training for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Threats, 07-9340
An Investigation of Audio Communication Channel Propagation Models and Their Use in Distributed Simulation-Based Training Systems, 07-9377
Development of an Instructional Shop Simulation for Lean Training, 07-9378
Developing Techniques for Complete Automation of Engine/Dynamometer Test Stands, 08-9330
Development of a High-Speed, Servo-Level Control, 10-9266
Development of Automated Monitoring of Critical Transportation Infrastructure, 10-9339
Development of a Networked Blood Pressure Monitoring System, 10-9369
An Adaptive Ad Hoc Routing Network for Mobile Wireless Devices, 10-9373
Development of an Improved Analysis Tool for Modeling Communication Systems with Realistic Hardware Constraints, 10-9393
Investigation into the Limitations of MPEG-2 Codecs and IP-Based Networks for Large-Scale ITS Deployments,
Research and Investigation in Advanced Software-Defined Radio Communications Architectures, 10-9403
Terahertz Waves for Materials Evaluation, 14-9405
Visual Servoing for Flexible Robotic Assembly Tasks, 10-9410
Automated Monitoring of Waterways and Evaluation of Imagery Anomaly Detection Technologies, 10-9415

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