Engines, Fuels, Lubricants, and Vehicle Systems Program

Laser Ignition in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines, 03-9354
Motorcycle Emissions Research and Development, 03-9384
Investigation of a Multicylinder, High-Efficiency, High-BMEP, Heavy-Duty Gasoline Engine Concept, 03-9386
Development of a New Engine Control Concept to Help Achieve Light-Duty Euro V Emissions, 03-9387
Investigation of the Knock Limited Brake Mean Effective Pressure for Propane, 03-9439
Feasibility Investigation of a Model-Based Virtual Cylinder Pressure Sensor with Individual Variable Oriented Independent Estimators, 03-9440
Steady-State Emissions Test on a Heavy-Duty On-Highway Class 8 Gasoline Engine, 03-9457
Feasibility Investigation of the On-Board Fuel Property Classifier for Internal Combustion Engine Control Systems, 03-9478
Demonstration of a Bench-top Method for Quantification of a Fuel's Charge Cooling Effectiveness, 03-9497

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