Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology,
and Automation Program

Development of a Robust Adaptive, Model-Based Nonlinear Control Strategy for an Automotive Powertrain, 03-9466
Development of Advanced Automated Mapping and Calibration Techniques for Complex Engine Control Systems,
An Investigation of Audio Communication Channel Propagation Models and Their Use in Distributed Simulation-Based Training Systems, 07-9377
Real-Time Water Simulation Using Fast Fourier Transforms Implemented on a Graphics Processing Unit, 07-9433
SwRI-Owned Three-Dimensional Graphics Engine Development, 07-9459
Development of a Networked Blood Pressure Monitoring System, 10-9369
Visual Servoing for Flexible Robotic Assembly Tasks, 10-9410
Image Processing Acceleration on Advanced Graphics Processors, 10-9434
Applied Research into Space Data Networks Using the SpaceWire Protocol, 15-9472
Development of a Reusable CompactPCI to Local Bus Core, 15-9485
Uncertainty Quantification and Analysis Methods for Complex Problems, 18-9346

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