Materials Research and Structural Mechanics Program

Determining the Failure Mechanisms in Water-Absorbing Filter Monitor Elements, 08-9416
Fundamental Mechanisms of Fuel and Water Separation, 08-9489
Characterization and Improvement of Ultra-Thin Carbon Foils for Space Instrumentation, 15-9406
Use of Microelectromechanical Systems Technologies To Sensitively Measure and Monitor Stress Corrosion Crack Propagation, 18-9342
Characterization of Porous Rock at High Strain Rates,18-9344
Development of a First-Principles Computational Methodology for Predicting Long-Term Material Stability and Mechanical Performance, 18-9420
Effect of Radiation on the Oxide Film Behavior of Nickel-Based Alloys, 18-9421
Development of Thick Nanocomposite Coatings for Erosion Protection Applications, 18-9448
Development and Evaluation of a Permanent Reference Electrode, 18-9463

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