Electronic Systems and Instrumentation Program

Research and Investigation in Advanced Software-Defined Radio Communications Architectures, 10-9403
Research into Memory Effects Compensation and Crest Factor Reduction for Multicarrier Microwave Power Amplifiers, 10-9496
Development of a Band-Selectable Smart Antenna, 10-9543
Identification of Communication Signals Using Image Processing Techniques, 16-9290
Innovative Antennas for Wrap-around Direction Finding Arrays from 400 to 4,000 MHz, 16-9331
Development and Evaluation of a Joint Tactical RadioSystem Waveform for Asset Tracking and Data Relay Applications, 16-9407
Enhanced Signal Copy in High Noise Environments, 16-9436
Development of Ultra-Wideband Precision Indoor Positioning, 16-9438
Signal Intelligence Demodulation Capability, 16-9514
Unified Frequency Hopper Detection and Prosecution Methodology, 16-9544

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