Engines, Fuels, Lubricants, and Vehicle Systems Program

Catalyst Accelerated Thermal Aging Using the SwRI® R-FOCAS® Rig – A Joint Industry Program, 03-9441
Novel Prechamber Fueling Strategy Development, 03-9452
Highly-Balanced NOx and CO2 Reductions from Light-Duty Diesel Engines, 03-9467
Development of Algorithms for the Control of Camless Valvetrains of a Single-Cylinder, Four-Valve Engine, 03-9488
Development of Advanced Automated Mapping and Calibration Techniques for Complex Engine Control Systems,
Demonstration of a Bench-Top Method for Quantification of a Fuel’s Charge Cooling Effectiveness, 03-9497
Development of an EGR and Post-Injection Control System for Accelerated Diesel Particulate Filter Loading and Regeneration on Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty Diesel Engines, 03-9508
Investigation of Unregulated Exhaust Emissions from Diesel Engines Operating Under Alternate Combustion Modes and With Advanced Aftertreatment Schemes, 03-9511
A Study of Ignition System Performance and Design, 03-9525
Transient Control Strategies for an Engine with an Exhaust Treatment System to Meet Future Emissions Standards, 03-9526
Development of a Novel Approach to the Collection, Speciation, and Quantification of Semi-Volatile Hydrocarbons in Diesel Engine Emissions, 08-9498

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