Geology and Nuclear Waste Management Program

Sensor Scoring Methodology for Subterranean Structure Confirmation, 10-9418
Modeling of Heat Exchange and Temperature Distribution Between Stored Nuclear Waste Canisters and the Surrounding Earth in a Nuclear Waste Repository, 14-9419
Potential Exposures to Radionuclides Originating from Technologically Enhanced, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Emitted by Landfill Gas Extraction and Control Systems, 20-9422
Pre-, Syn-, and Post-Seismic Ground Deformation from Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, 20-9423
Ground-Penetrating Radar Investigations of Terrestrial Analogs to the Martian Crust for 2011 Mars Scout Mission,
An Effective Approach for Contaminant Source Location and Release History Recovery, 20-9530
Application of Terrestrial Exploration Techniques to Locate Martian In Situ Resources, 20-9546

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