Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology,
and Automation Program

Expert Knowledge Capture “State-of-the-Practice” Review, 07-9501
Real-Time Graphics Processing Unit-Based Video Blending for Mixed Reality Training Systems, 07-9502
Investigation of a Generic Software Interface for the PressureMat™ Natural Locomotion Device, 07-9503
Development of Digital, Industrial Workbench Prototype, 07-9517
Development of a High-Performance, Low-Power Microprocessor for Use in an Autonomous Vehicle Control Platform, 09-9542
Visual Servoing for Flexible Robotic Assembly Tasks, 10-9410
Image Processing Acceleration on Advanced Graphics Processors, 10-9434
Scalable IP Traceback for Internet Attack Attribution, 10-9446
Investigation into Process Management Technologies to Improve System Monitoring and Repair, 10-9554
Enhanced Life Prediction Methodologies for Engine Rotor Life Extension, 18-9414
Stochastic Solvers for Highly Nonlinear Equations, 18-9558

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