Electronic Systems and Instrumentation Program

Development of a Band-Selectable Smart Antenna for Software-Defined Radio, 10-R9543
Development of a Memory Effects Compensation Digital Predistortion Demonstration System, 10-R9573
Ground-Penetrating Radar from Elevated Platforms, 14-R9555
Unified Frequency Hopper Detection and Prosecution Methodology, 16-R9544
Using an HF Time Difference of Arrival Geolocation Network To Perform Direction Finding, 16-R9563
Genetic Programming for Signal Processing Algorithm Development, 16-R9599
Time Difference of Arrival Geolocation Using Frequency Translators, 16-R9600
Size, Weight, and Power Reduction Using Application-Specific Integrated Circuit Technology in Electronics Systems, 16-R9608
Parametric Approaches to Steganalysis, 16-R9632

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