Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology,
and Automation Program

High-Performance, Low-Power Microprocessor for Use in an Autonomous Vehicle Control Platform, 09-R9542
Analysis and Implementation of Software-Defined Waveforms on a Reprogrammable Platform, 09-R9615
Investigation into Process Management Technologies to Improve System Monitoring and Repair, 10-R9554
Investigation into the Creation of an Algorithm Processor Module (APM), 10-R9581
Investigating the Feasibility and Benefits of Integrating Dynamic Vehicle Probe Data Into Advanced Traffic Management Systems, 10-R9582
A Novel Approach to Monitoring Natural Hazards in All Terrain, 10-R9613
Towards Internet in Space: Development of an Address Resolution Protocol and Encapsulation Service for SpaceWire Networks, 10-R9623
Investigation into Self-Monitoring and Self-Healing (SMASH) Software Processes, 10-R9628
Investigation into Performance of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 10-R9634
Automated Interpretation of Medical Prescription Text, 10-R9642
Hierarchical Holographic Modeling for Risk Identification in Complex Radioactive Waste Disposal Systems, 20-R9567

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