Materials Research and Structural Mechanics Program

Development of Reversible Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Surfaces, 01-R9507
Performance-Driven Tissue Engineering Templates, 01-R9551
Fundamental Mechanisms of Fuel/Water Separation, 08-R9489
Biocompatible Surface Coated Nano-Particles for Live-Cell Imaging and Early Cancer Detection, 10-R9536
Quantum Dots/Semiconducting Nanocrystals: Optical Applications, 14-R9512
Magnetostrictive Sensor Development Using Thin-Film Deposition, 14-R9610
Development of a First-Principles Computational Methodology for Predicting Long-Term Material Stability and Mechanical Performance, 18-R9420
Impact Testing and Analysis of Polycarbonate Shields, 18-R9562
Development of Multilayer Metal/Dielectric Coatings for Solar Control Applications, 18-R9572
Development of Functional Relationships for Fatigue Crack Growth Reconstruction Using Fracture Surface Striations, 18-R9587
Development of Atmospheric Plasma Technology, 18-R9612
A Unique Method to Dynamically Characterize Powders and Granular Materials, 18-R9621
Preparation of Nano-Engineered Platelets Using Vacuum Roll Coating, 18-R9625
Predicting Crack Growth Rates in Pipelines for Prioritization of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) Locations For Direct Examination, 18-R9639
Development of Performance Criteria for High Burnup Cladding Materials, 20-R9565

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