Electronic Systems and Instrumentation Program

Intelligent Two-Sector Sensor for Use in an Autonomous Follower Vehicle, 09-R9603
Analytical-Numerical Methods for Simulating Full Waveform Sonic Logs Using Realistic Earth Borehole-Source Models, 14-R9564
Predictive Analysis of Acoustic Demining Efforts, Project 14-R9658
A Processing Technique to Determine Slowness of Multiple Acoustic Wave Modes Propagating in Attenuated Media, 14-R9700
Array Analysis for Predicting Multipolarization DF Performance, 16-R9584
Time-Difference-of-Arrival Geolocation Using Frequency Translators, 16-R9600
Size, Weight, and Power Reduction Using Application Specific Integrated Circuit Technology in Electronics Systems: A Multi-Division Presidential Discretion IR&D Initiative (Phase I), 16-R9608
Parametric Approaches to Steganalysis, 16-R9632
Measure Signal Performance Metrics on a Blade Processor Architecture, 16-R9668
Design of Accurately Modeled Direction-Finding Antenna Installations, 16-R9679
Small Stratospheric Payload for Over-the-Horizon Communications, 16-R9689
Unified Geolocation Using Heterogeneous Measurements: Mathematical Framework and Software Architecture,

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