Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology,
and Automation

Use of Natural Language Processing and Descriptive Taxonomies to Increase Automation of Learning Object Metadata Generation, 07-R9640
Effectiveness of Non-Immersive vs. Immersive Scenario Training, 07-R9666
A Real-Time System for Body Visualization During Whole-Body Motion, 07-R9675
Improving Learning Outcomes with Self-regulation Prompts, 07-R9683
Investigation of a Formal Fidelity Improvement Methodology for Rapid Re-Definition Simulation Systems, 07-R9699
Investigating the Feasibility and Benefits of Integrating Dynamic Vehicle Probe Data into Advanced Traffic Management Systems, 10-R9582
A Novel Approach to Monitoring Natural Hazards in All Terrain, 10-R9613
Towards Internet in Space: Development of an Address Resolution Protocol and Encapsulation Service for SpaceWire Networks, 10-R9623
Investigation into Self-Monitoring and Self-Healing (SMASH) Software Processes, 10-R9628
Investigation into Performance of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Systems, 10-R9634
Automated Interpretation of Medical Prescription Text, 10-R9642
HealtheVet Reporting Engine, 10-R9646
Investigation of Dynamic Structured Light (DSL) 3-D Data Artifacts for Geological Analog Modeling, 10-R9647
Southwest Safe Transport Initiative (SSTI), 10-R9648
Investigation into Botnet Detection and Mitigation Methods, 10-R9649
Maintaining Device Anonymity While Disseminating Information in a 3-Dimensional Plane, 10-R9661
Investigation into the Development of a Heavy-Duty Vehicle Probe Data Platform, 10-R9671
Discovery of Identity Fraud Through Data Mining and Visualization, 10-R9688
Investigation into Travel-Time Route Interpolation and Prediction, 10-R9708
Investigation into Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Vehicle System Applications Utilizing Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) in Complex Urban Environments, 10-R9717
Ontologies for Object Recognition, 10-R9733

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