Materials Research and Structural Mechanics Program

A New Research Strategy for Evaluation and Assessment of Bone Quality, 15-R9618
Enhanced Life Prediction Methodologies for Engine Rotor Life Extension, 18-R9414
Preparation of Nano-Engineered Platelets Using Vacuum Roll Coating, 18-R9625
First-Principles Computation of Diffusion Coefficients for Ni-Based Alloys, 18-R9568
A Unique Method to Dynamically Characterize Powders and Granular Materials, 18-R9621
Development of Improved Fatigue Resistant Nanocomposite Coatings for Rotary Machinery Components, 18-R9622
Modeling of Paintball Impact Ocular Trauma: A Path Towards Development of an Improved Blunt Trauma Predictive Capability, 18-R9664

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