Electronic Systems and Instrumentation Program

Investigation of Visual Sensor Technologies and Requirements for Flight Control, 09-R9772
Anomaly Detection Using Transient Engine Performance Data, 09-R9776
Advanced Statistics for Improved and Automated Engine Trending and Diagnostics, 09-R9825
A Grains-of-Rice Magnetic Gradiometer, 14-R9624
Predictive Analysis of Acoustic Demining Efforts, 14-R9658
Organic Photonics, 14-R9734
Design of Accurately Modeled Direction-Finding Antenna Installations, 16-R9679
Unified Geolocation Using Heterogeneous Measurements: Mathematical Framework and Software Architecture,
Size, Weight, and Power Reduction Using ASIC Technology in Electronics Systems: A Multi-Division Presidential Discretion IR&D Initiative (Phase II), 16-R9762
Backscatter Analysis of DF Platform Properties, 16-R9780
Innovative DF Antenna Design, 16-R9818
Model-Based Algorithm Design, 16-R9820

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