Electronic Systems and Instrumentation Program

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Modeling and Applications of RF and Optical Negative Index of Refraction Materials, 14-8050
Organic Photonics,14-9734
A Method to Extract Hydrocarbon Reservoir Parameters from Wave Modes Excited by Acoustic Sources in Deviated Wells Surrounded by Anisotropic Formations, 14-9778
Remote Sensing Using Micro Satellite Transceivers,16-8009
Compressive Sampling of Multi-Channel Data, 16-8017
Investigation and Development of a Lightweight, Efficient Low-RCS Multi-Function Antenna by Combining Conductive Composite Materials with Traditional Conductive Materials and Conductive Foams, 16-8023
Miniaturized SIGINT System, 16-9773
Backscatter Analysis of DF Platform Properties, 16-9780
Innovative DF Antenna Design, 16-9818

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