Engines, Fuels, Lubricants, and Vehicle Systems Program

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Subscription to the 2007/2008 Hydrogen Technology Information Service, 03-8001
Causal Investigation of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Structural Limitations to Peak Cylinder Pressure, 03-8004
Impact of Alternative Liquid Fuels on Highly Dilute Engines, 03-8005
Preliminary Investigation of Control Approaches for Active DPF Regeneration during Transient Conditions, 03-8007
Sliding Mode Control of High Exhaust Gas Recirculation Diesel Engines, 03-8010
Integrated Aftertreatment Systems to Reduce Emissions from Gasoline and Alternative Fueled Engines, 03-8014
Investigation of Three-Way Catalyst Effect of a Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter on a Diesel Engine Operating at Reduced A/F Ratio, 03-8031
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Deactivation Kinetics Study for Aging, Control and OBD Applications, 03-8048
Investigation of Causes and Preventive Measures for Destructive Abnormal Combustion (Super-Knock) in High-Performance Spark Ignited Gasoline Engines, 03-8049
The Study of Dedicated EGR® Cylinders to Improve the Fuel Economy and Transient Performance of a Spark Ignited Gasoline Engine, 03-9798
Particle Matter Generation and Characterization Control Using FOCAS® HGTRs®, 03-9799
A Multi-Variable Study Of Diesel Geartrain NVH Performance, 03-9861
Development of a Urea Evaporation and Mixing System to Improve SCR Catalyst Performance, 03-9891
Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Extender Oils, 08-8026
Quantification of the Impacts of Vibration and Flow Fluctuation on Automotive Air Filter Performance, 08-8058
Investigation on the Formation of Dioxins by Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology, 08-8080

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