Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology,
and Automation

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Game-Based Learning: Application and Effectiveness as Applied to Human Performance, 07-8037
Research into the Reliability and Accuracy of Section 508 Accessibility Requirements and Automated Translation Applied to Non-Conventional Web Based Training, 07-8070
A Real-Time System for Body Visualization During Whole-Body Motion, 07-9675
Using Natural Language Processing of Web Logs to Identify Signs of Distress Among In-Treatment Adolescent Cancer Patients, 07-9737
Designing and Evaluating Control Modes for a Wearable Workspace, 07-9758
Testing the Efficacy of an Automated Decision Model for Selecting Blended Performance Improvement Solutions,
Identification of Question Types Based on Theories of Reasoning: Informing the Expert Knowledge Capture Process,
Investigation of Transient Engine Performance Analysis Methods, 09-8022
Anomaly Detection Using Transient Engine Performance Data, 09-9776
Advanced Architectures for Mass Spectra Deconvolution, 10-8012
Metrology Referenced Roving Accurate Manipulator (MR ROAM), 10-8019
Investigation into the Applicability of Flex 3 Technology to Support Mapping and Spatial Data Visualization on Web Pages, 10-8029
Interfacing of Secure Digital Media with Wireless Sensor Systems, 10-8034
Investigation of Methods for Automated System Vulnerability Testing, 10-8052
Investigation into Alternate Event Management Techniques, 10-8063
Context Based Object Recognition for Mobile Platforms,10-8065
Investigation into Image Processing Techniques Capable of Distinguishing Minor Terrain Variations, 10-8077
Mobile Autonomous Robotics Technology Initiative (MARTI®) (formerly Southwest Safe Transport Initiative (SSTI)),
Investigation into Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Vehicle System Applications Utilizing Dedicated Short Range Communications in Complex Urban Environments, 10-9717
Ontologies for Object Recognition, 10-9733
Custom Wireless Networking over Standard Physical Layers, 10-9753
Investigation into a Principal Components Methodology for Predicting Disease in Case-Based Decision Support,
Secure Middleware Template Library, 10-9777
Cooperative Sensor Sharing for Shared Situational Awareness, 10-9784
Investigating the Effect of Wireless Communication-Enabled Adaptive Cruise Control on Traffic Smoothing, 10-9802
Development of a Minimally Invasive Method to Quantify Blood Flow in the Dysvascular Transtibial Amputee, 10-9803
Hardware Abstraction for General-Purpose Robot Control, 10-9832
Hardware Hypervisor and Dataflow Tracking for Enhanced System Control and Monitoring, 10-9848
Investigation into Configuration Methods for Adding External Data Sources to a Common Website, 10-9849
Investigation of Criteria for Selection and Application of Software Defined Radio Standards, 10-9852
Automatic 3D Point Cloud to CAD Model Registration for Robotic Applications, 10-9865
Investigation of Law Governed Interactions as a Mechanism to Provide Coordination Among Service Oriented Architectures, 10-9877
Active Electrochromic Thermal Control Devices, 14-9878

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