Measurement & Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials and Structures Program

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State-of-the-Art Smoke Opacity System for the Steiner Tunnel, 01-8036
A Novel Approach to Monitoring Natural Hazards in All Terrains, 10-9613
Development of Synchronization Techniques for Low-Power Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Applications, 14-8030
Magnetometer-Based Magnetic Anomaly Detection, 14-8064
Development of a Detection Technique for Medium-Energy Electrons, 15-9755
A Matching Pursuit Approach for Ultrasonic Signal Enhancement and Characterizing Corrosion Damage of Buried Anchor Rods, 18-9845
Development of Data Transfer and Communications for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks, 20-8071
Development of Surface Wave Magnetostrictive Sensors for Health Monitoring of Dry Storage Casks, 20-9721
Development of Electrochemical Sensors for High-Temperature Corrosion Monitoring, 20-9727
Development of the Frequency-Dependent Electrochemical Method as a Survey Technique for Determining the Integrity of Buried Pipelines Under Cathodic Protection, 20-9760

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