Space Science Program

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Magnetotelluric Subsurface Sounder, 15-8043
A Test of Femtosecond Laser Desorption for Improved Neutral Production with the Laser Desorption Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometer (LDRIMS), 15-8067
Concept Development for a Ground Radio Array for Space Weather Monitoring and Forecasting, 15-8092
The Lunar UV Reflectance Experiment (LURE): Exploring the Far-UV Signature of Water Ice on Planetary Surfaces,
Capability Development for Planetary General Circulation Model, 15-9807
Mid-infrared Spectroscopy of Meteorites and the Identification of Meteorite Parent Bodies, 15-9830
Improvements to an In-Situ Geochronology, Geolocation, and Nuclear Forensics LARIMS Instrument, 15-9859
Development of SwRI's Comet Modeling Capabilities, 15-9879
New Experimental Set-Up: Simulation of Titan's Upper Atmosphere, 15-9880

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