Geology and Nuclear Waste Management Program

An Integrated Approach for Estimating Groundwater Storage Variations in Regional Aquifers, 20-R8051
Field Tests of Geomechanical Models of Natural Rock Deformation, 20-R8057
Numerical Simulation of Multiphase-Flow Enhanced Erosion-Corrosion Problems, 20-R8088
Fluid-Dynamics Based Analysis of Landslides, Debris Flow, and Liquefaction-Induced Ground Displacement for Hazard Assessment, 20-R8089
Effect of Aging Concrete on Seismic Performance of Shear Wall Structures, 20-R8090
Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Environmental Transport of Radionuclides, 20-R8091
Concept Study for a NASA Earth Venture-1 Airborne Investigation to Quantify the Stream Channel Component of Arid Land Recharge, 20-R8096
Volcaniclastic Aeolian Dunes at Sunset Crater Volcano: Applications for Martian Dune Morphology and Dynamics, 20-R8110
Development of Computational Methodology to Assess Structural Damage in Spillway Sections of Dams, 20-R8131
Subarctic Boundary Layer and Aeolian Science: Forcings and Responses, 20-R8136
Development of Enhanced Three-Dimensional Simulation Capability for Analyzing the Migration of Colloids and Nanoparticles in Complex Flow Domains, 20-R9722
Development of an Efficient Probabilistic Approach for Risk Assessment of Geotechnical Applications, 20-R9726

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