Intelligent Systems, Advanced Computer and Electronic Technology, and Automation Program

Sharable Content Object Mass Transformation Proof of Concept, 07-R8097
Proof-Of-Concept Web Services Interface for the Generalized Operations Simulation Environment, 07-R8099
Investigation of Transient Engine Performance Analysis Methods, 09-R8022
Investigation of Model-Based Diagnostic Methods, 09-R8104
Metrology Referenced ROving Accurate Manipulator (MR ROAM), 10-R8019
Investigation of Methods for Automated System Vulnerability Testing, 10-R8052
Investigation into Image Processing Techniques Capable of Distinguishing Minor Terrain Variations, 10-R8077
Investigation into Idling Reduction Technology Using Intelligent Traffic Signal Controller Algorithms, 10-R8105
Security for the Common Man, 10-R8106
Advanced Situational Awareness Model and Visualization Environment, 10-R8107
Application of Data Mining Techniques to Health Information Exchange Failure Prediction, 10-R8112
Mission-Generic Flight Software Scheduler, 10-R8114
Manipulating Traffic System Dynamics Using Smart Phone Technology for Improving Public Safety, 10-R8126
Development of an Automated Laser Depaint System, 10-R8155
Investigation into the Usage of Bluetooth® Signals for Roadway Speed Calculations, 10-R8164
Information Framework for Transportation Applications, 10-R8175
Southwest Safe Transport Initiative (SSTI), Renamed: Mobile Autonomous Robotics Technology Initiative (MARTI), 10-R9648
Development of a Minimally Invasive Method to Quantify Blood Flow in the Dysvascular Transtibial Amputee, 10-R9803
Hardware Abstraction for General-Purpose Robot Control, 10-R9832
Hardware Hypervisor and Dataflow Tracking for Enhanced System Control and Monitoring, 10-R9848

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