Space Science Program

Magnetotelluric Subsurface Sounder, 15-R8043
Development of a Simple Instrument for Measuring Ionospheric Low Energy Electrons Using a Delta-Doped CCD as Electron Detector (LEES), 15-R8053
Exploring the Viability of a Single Board, Ultra-High Density Non-Volatile Mass Memory and Data Formatting Solution for Critical Space Applications, 15-R8086
Prototyping the Giga-Range Imaging Detector (GRID), 15-R8111
Capability Development and Demonstration for Next-Generation Suborbital Research, 15-R8115
Search for Chemical and Mechanical Weathering Processes on Mars, 15-R8135
Establishing Astrophysics at Southwest Research Institute, 15-R8141
Mitigating Risk for a Highly Scalable/Highly Configurable Solid State Recorder for Multi-Mission Space Applications, 15-R8158
Risk Mitigation of the SIDECARô ASIC System Interface in Focal Plane Array Space Science Instruments, 15-R8160
SwRI Planetary InfraRed Spectrograph (SPIRS) Capability Development, 15-R9808
Ganymede Orbiter Mission to Search for an Internal Ocean, 15-R9843

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