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Office of Automotive Engineering

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Lubricants are routinely evaluated using ASTM methods and procedures for compliance to American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications and SAE standards.

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Video of Dual Coil Offset (DCO)
Ignition System

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Video of Hybrid Ceramic Sand
Core Casting Process

Automotive Engineering at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) encompasses engine, emissions, lubricants, fuels and vehicle research and development. Design, development, and test programs on a wide range of components, engines, transmissions, and vehicles are performed. These programs are supported by research and modeling of fuel mixing, combustion, tribology, filtration, structural analysis, noise and vibration harshness (NVH), and fluid flow analysis. Our staff is known internationally for its fuels and lubricants research activities and continues to uphold the longstanding tradition of quality and client response, started more than 60 years ago. Multi-client cooperative industry research programs in many areas help manufacturers achieve lower exhaust emissions and to increase fuel economy.

A broad range of services are available for product research, product development and product qualification of automotive components and automotive fluids for on-road, off-road, rail, and water-borne transportation systems as well as recreational vehicles and stationary power equipment.

Office of Automotive Engineering Facilities & Technologies

The breadth of SwRI automotive engineering technologies and facilities is unmatched by any other organization:

  • A wide variety of fuels, lubricants and emissions chemistry laboratories
  • Battery cell performance evaluation facilities
  • Battery pack level testing facilities
  • Combustion and fuel spray research benches
  • Electronic control systems
  • Engine design to production
  • Extensive fabrication facilities
  • LD and HD vehicle/truck chassis dynamometers
  • Locomotive Technology Center
  • More than 200 engine and transmission dynamometer test cells
  • Part 1065 emission certification
  • Particle science laboratory
  • Statistical analysis
  • Tribology
  • Vehicle fleet services
image of SwRI's large engine facility

SwRI's large engine facility allows development of diesel and natural gas engines in excess of 4,000 hp.

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