image of microscopic cells image of microscopic capsules image of microscopic capsules

The Biochemistry Section of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) supports clients from industry, government and academia.

Biochemistry Technical Strengths

  • Tissue culture, microbiology, molecular biology, antibodies
  • Protein expression, purification, characterization
  • Protein engineering (activity, stability, stereoselectivity)
  • Enzyme kinetics, calorimetry, UV/Vis/fluorescent spectroscopy
  • Cell based assays, ELISA
  • Viral expression and characterization
  • NMR
  • Drug optimization
  • Chemical forensics
  • Molecular modeling and protein docking
image of 3-D view of cells

3-D view of cells expressing OPH. A) monolayer with an OPH expressing cell B) nucleus (shown in blue) enveloped by the cytoplasm (shown in green) C) nucleus removed to show the extent of expression in the cytoplasm.

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