Pharmaceuticals & Bioengineering

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The Pharmaceuticals and Bioengineering Department in the SwRI Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division specializes in drug and biologic discovery through early clinical development. We offer fully integrated pharmaceutical development capability. We have experience developing and repurposing drug candidates and providing clinical supplies by means of our FDA inspected cGMP facilities. Our legacy of microencapsulation capability enables us to provide specialized formulations for every route of administration depending upon the requirements of the therapeutic. We also offer a range of capabilities in bioengineered materials and in regenerative medicine that can be taken through medical device development under our inspected ISO 13485 protocols. Our experienced organic and medicinal chemists, polymer scientists, chemical and electrical engineers and materials scientists can expedite novel solutions to pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine or medical device problems.

Joe McDonough, Ph.D., Director
Stephen Wellinghoff, Ph.D., Institute Scientist

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