High Reliability Systems

Image: SwRI has a strong core history of development in space flight software.

The mission of the High Reliability Systems Section (HRSS) is to find novel applications for advances in software standards, architectures, and operating systems to improve embedded systems in space, automotive, and other high-tech areas. The HRSS team has a strong core history of development in space flight software, but has also leveraged their knowledge of network protocols, embedded systems, real-time operating systems, and system engineering in a diverse range of environments.

Maria Araujo, Manager

High Reliability Software Technical Strengths

  • Vehicle Security
  • Space Flight Software
  • Additional Details
    • Reusable Flight Software Library
    • Capability Maturity Model Integration® (SEI/CMMI®) Level 5
    • Space Plug-and-Play
    • Terrestrial Applications

CMMI® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

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