Embedded Systems Security

Image: SwRI's energy systems experience includes smart grid communications protocols, information and communication architectures for smart grids, grid-scale energy storage, and smart grid interoperability.

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Image: SwRI has experience in Internet-scale cyber security, information assurance, smart grid security, embedded systems security, mobile device security, software assurance, vulnerability assessments, and risk analysis.

The Embedded Systems Security group in the  Intelligent Systems Division focuses on making technologies secure from cyber threats through techniques such as penetration testing, risk management, threat analysis, and by performing applied security research. We provide embedded and wireless security testing services for customers in the areas of automotive, smart grid, industrial control systems, railway control systems, mobile devices, and medical devices. We specialize in embedded physical testing of devices and rapid development of custom testing tools for emerging communication protocols and systems. Additionally, we actively perform research in a number of security areas such as wireless protocol security, automated vulnerability testing, fuzzing, insider threats, and hardware-based-roots-of-trust. This research ensures that we are the forefront of both offensive and defensive capabilities as it relates to secure system development and penetration testing.

Robert W. Heller, Ph.D., Program Director

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