Engineering & Logistics Support

Image: Engineering & Logistics Support

SwRI engineering and logistics services include all aspects of laboratory and international field support for devices such as the low noise, high reliability Dual-Channel Receiver, shown here with an example of its local oscillator noise performance and a typical RF subassembly.

The Engineering and Logistics Support group provides engineering services such as project management, systems engineering, quality assurance, configuration control, property administration, and continuing engineering support for equipment located at remote operations sites. Additional support services include providing materials and services to inspect, test, repair, modify, and overhaul commercial equipment and equipment designed and built by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). The group also maintains and updates technical manuals, maintenance and operating manuals, and data publications.

Christopher "Kipp" Axton, Principal Engineer

Engineering & Logistics Support Technical Strengths

  • Signal conditioning
  • Communications equipment
  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Database design and development
  • Low noise system design, development, and testing
  • Logistics analysis, planning, and support
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