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image of robot

Engineers in the Response Robot Test and Evaluation Center (R2TEC) develop robot payloads as well as test methods and fixtures for in-depth evaluation of tactical mobile robots.

Applied Physics

The Applied Physics Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) conducts research and development in disciplines such as advanced electronic and microelectronic devices and systems, unique power supplies and sources, voice and data communications equipment, and mechanical systems. Staff members have extensive experience in sensor and sensor system development, optic and electro-optic system development, and infrared signature modeling and analysis. The division also houses experts in geophysical modeling and data processing techniques.

Kenneth Bennett, Vice President

Jerome Helffrich, Ph.D., Institute Scientist
E.H. Cooper, Technical Advisor
Steve Cerwin, Technical Advisor
Jorge Parra, Ph.D., Technical Advisor
Merle Converse, Technical Advisor

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