SIGINT Solutions Product Highlights


  • Model HFW-2020 Wideband HF Acquisition, DF and Collection System
  • Scout – Portable Wideband Signal Survey System
  • HFX-3000 – Narrowband N-channel HF DF Server
  • TDOA Nodes/Sensors and Net Control
  • Wideband, N-channel DF everything
  • Geo-Emitter Mapping System – Locate to Collect
  • Compact, Wideband V/UHF TDOA/FDOA Sensor with Diversity Reception

Signal Processing Tools and Services

  • TASS – Signal Analysis Tool
  • Prospector – Wideband Manual Search and Signal Discovery Tool
  • Radio Fingerprinting
  • SIGREC – Automated Signal Recognizer Technology for Communications Signals
  • Chaparral–Demodulator/Decoder package for Communications Signals

Antenna Products and Services

  • HEMLOXTM Spiral – Extremely Wideband, Directive Antenna for Large Air and Sea Vessels
  • TASH – Tapered Area Small Helix Antenna, for Wide Bandwidth Communications and Omnidirectional Acquisition
  • AAB-250 Airborne UHF Turnstyle – Point to Point Communications with Non-fading Communications
  • Conformal Airborne UHF DF Array
  • AFM-450 Land-based/Mobile VHF/UHF Mast Mounted DF Array
  • Custom Design and Electromagnetics Modeling Services
  • Airborne Calibration Services
  • Transparent Antennas

Radiolocation Processing

  • DPGeo – Dynamic Platform Geolocation engine
  • BSVM DF – Beam-Steer Vector-Match Radio Direction Finding Algorithm
  • Hemispherical Vector-sensing DF (aka near vertical DF) from Aircraft
  • SSL – Single Station Location
  • DFNC – Manned DF Net Control Position HFN-2001
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