Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering Section in the Defense and Intelligence Solutions Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) provides advanced signal processing algorithms and systems for the automated intercept, recognition, analysis, demodulation, and location of communications signals.

Thomas R. Sturdevant, Acting Manager

The Systems Engineering Section also provides the design and production of netted COMINT sensors including:

  • MF, HF, VHF and UHF acquisition and DF
  • HF skywave DF
  • Netted operations
  • Wideband intercept and DF
  • Automated spectrum surveillance and signal recognition

Design and analysis capabilities include performance analysis of DF geolocation networks, signal propagation analysis, network design assistance, and DF processing and calibration techniques tailored for cluttered-site applications. Products and services include fixed and mobile HF single station location (SSL) systems, HF/VHF/UHF direction finding and collection systems, and full installation and maintenance services. All systems incorporate COTS hardware and are based on open hardware and software architectures.

Systems Engineering Technical Strengths

  • Design and development of commercial and military qualified DF, COMINT and ES systems
  • Ground-based COMINT DF and collection systems
  • Signal station location and ionospheric sounder systems
  • Special purpose exploitation systems
  • Wideband signal intercept and processing systems
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