Tracking Systems

Image: GPS/GEO/LEO Satellite Tracking Concept

Image: Tracking Systems

The Tracking Systems Section in the Defense and Intelligence Solutions Division at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) develops satellite-based and terrestrial radio frequency (RF) tracking and tag applications and technologies. Focus is on development of short-range (to 1000 feet), medium-range (to 30 miles), and long-range (worldwide, satellite-based) tracking and tagging requirements. Particular attention is given to requirements for specialized packaging of beacons and tags to accommodate unique operational constraints. Satellite-based devices use GPS for geolocation and low-earth-orbit and geosynchronous satellites for communication. Satellite downlink terminals and line-of-sight receivers intercept the transmitted geolocation messages and disseminate the data to users worldwide. Situational awareness and combat identification systems are under development to support customer-defined operations.

David Murray, Manager

Tracking Systems Technical Strengths

  • Passive and semi-passive identification tags using RF
  • Low-power, miniature beacon transmitters
  • Tracking, including satellite systems
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