Hydrological Services

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Ronald Green, Ph.D.
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Nate Toll
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image of simulation that was created using SwRI-developed groundwater modeling software MODFLOW-DCM

Simulation of hydraulic head in a karst aquifer with a well-developed conduit. This simulation was created using SwRI-developed groundwater modeling software MODFLOW-DCM, which explicitly represents conduits embedded in a porous medium.

image of pressure distribution and flow streamlines in an open fracture with variable aperture.

Pressure distribution and flow streamlines in an open fracture with variable aperture.

image of Computational Fluid Dynamics Brochure.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Brochure

image of Hydrogeology and Geochemistry Services Brochure.

Hydrogeology & Geochemistry Services Brochure

Commercial and government clients are assisted by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in solving complex water resource supply and contamination problems. Our hydrology staff integrates work products with geochemistry, geology, and geotechnical personnel to meet a wide range of client needs.

We address both applied and theoretical problems using SwRI's facilities and equipment for conducting and developing:

  • Laboratory experiments at the bench- and meso-scales
  • Hydrogeological field investigations
  • State-of-the-science numerical models

Hydrological Services Expertise

SwRI has gained an international recognition for expertise in nonisothermal, multiphase flow and reactive contaminant transport in variably saturated, highly heterogeneous, fractured and nonfractured porous media. Specific areas of expertise include:

Related Terminology

infiltration and recharge  •  runoff and overland flow  •  soil physics and multiphase flow  •  coupled and interfacial processes  •  aquifer characterization  •  karst and carbonate rock  •  salt water intrusion  •  matrix-fracture interaction  •  colloid facilitated transport  •  thermal flow  •  instrument averaging volume  •  geostatistics  •  sensitivity analysis

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