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Osvaldo Pensado, Ph.D.
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image: Staff develops simplified models to build performance assessment models for geological disposal of radioactive waste.

Staff develops simplified models to build performance assessment models for geological disposal of radioactive waste.

The art of probabilistic risk assessment of complex systems was pioneered by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) nearly 20 years ago. PRA is a quantitative technique that integrates diverse events, processes, and phenomena to evaluate system hazards. Risk assessment services at SwRI include:

  • Environmental risk
  • Operational and infrastructure safety
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Geotechnical instability risk (e.g., slope, tunnel)

Using a risk-informed, performance-based approach, SwRI staff:

  • Quantify risk and provide defense in depth
  • Integrate available site and engineering information
  • Identify risk factors driving a system's performance
  • Develop insight for the nature and significance of potential risks
  • Identify alternative models for system behavior
  • Design system features to provide improved confidence

SwRI brings innovative engineering solutions to complex risk assessment problems through expertise in:

  • Natural hazard assessments
  • Probabilistic safety assessments
  • Performance assessments
  • Detailed and abstracted process modeling (conceptual and mathematical) to support risk assessments
  • Application-oriented generic and tailored (e.g., site-specific) system software development
  • Risk estimates, including effects of very rare events
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses
  • Software and data quality assurance

We can also assist clients in simplifying complex risk assessment information for use in public outreach.

Past risk assessment projects include estimates of:

  • Risk of aircraft crash into facilities
  • Seismic risk (soil-structure interactions)
  • Risk from radioactive waste disposal (national and international)
    • Development of dose standards
    • Review of safety cases
  • Risk associated with facility decommissioning
  • Risk from in situ containment and burial of wastes incidental to reprocessing

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